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How Long Should I Run My Pumps?

We suggest your filter system run 6-7 hours each day. When water temp starts to climb above 27 celsius, run the system 8-12 hours each day.

What do I do to maintain my pool lighting?

Pool lighting is best maintained by cleanin light covers, replacing bulbs as they stop working and clearing any debris from touching the lights themselves.

Do I need to drain my pool every year?

It is recommended that you do not drain your pool, especially during the colder months. Keeping water in the pool during winter can protect the bottom of the pool from cracking during below zero temps. You invest in a pool cover through to protect from debris and temperature changes. 

Do I still need to brush my pool?

Even if your pool comes with an automatic pool cleaner, they often do not give a thorough scrub. It is recommended that you brush your help to keep algae from building up and to keep small particles from the pool surface. Make sure to check areas such as ladders, seats and corners. It is recommended that you do this once a week (or have us do it).

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